A quartet of relaxing treats

The Night Garden

25€ - 50€


Encased in a charming purple gift box decorated with a flurry of multicoloured leaves, nestles a quartet of snooze-inspiring goodies. Sultana Of Soap acts as a gentle cleanser, celebrating calming essential oils, whilst notes of lavender weave a lullaby of scent through moisture-rich body scrub Buffy, Sleepy Shower Gel, and Sleepy Body Lotion. Combined with choruses of soothing butters and mood adjusting oils, this trio blankets the skin in layers of nourishment and feel-good scents. A good night’s sleep could be the greatest gift of all, and with The Night Garden you could give that special someone precisely that. Whether you’re looking for baby shower gifts or something for that bride-to-be, The Night Garden can be the first step towards catching those elusive zs.


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1 × Sleepy - 50g
A rich and exfoliating wash
1 × Rose Jam - 100g