When you unwrap a Knot Wrap you are beginning a journey. Who knows where it’ll take you? The possibilities are endless. 

Whether it’s to carry your lunch, ordain your do, mark your luggage, or prettify your present, Knot Wrap can be used again and again, wherever you go. 

It’s something we all love, but at Lush we are mindful of the amount of paper that potentially gets wasted when we give gifts. Astonishingly, in 2011 the Telegraph reported that in Britain alone we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper over the festive period (that’s enough to go around the world nine times!). What is needed is a lifetime-lasting, reusable, but still gorgeously glam wrapping alternative, and Knot Wrap might be the answer!

Knot Wrap is simply a piece of ornately decorated fabric that replaces the need for disposable wrapping paper or even a carrier bag! Inspired by furoshiki, an ancient Japanese tradition that uses techniques similar to origami, you can wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size. If you’re looking for a beautiful, bespoke gift then Knot Wrap couldn’t be easier. Pick out one or more products that you like and then simply choose a Knot Wrap in store, or add one to your basket online. Then you either present this gift, Knot Wrap and all, to your lucky recipient, or keep the pretty fabric for yourself. Traditionally in Japan furoshiki is returned to the gift giver and that’s what we call a win, win!

And it’s not just great for wrapping gifts! There’s so much more you can do with a Knot Wrap. Unlike traditional wrapping paper, you can use Knot Wraps in so many ways.

Not only can you wrap practically anything, but you can repurpose the stylish chic cloth and turn it into something entirely new. For example with a few simple twists and knots you can turn the Knot Wrap into a handbag, a fruit carrier, a coin purse, just think of it as the most fashionable and customisable bag for life out there. Or think bigger and broader, and upcycle that Knot Wrap! Transform it into a piece of wall-art, a kite, a cushion, a cuddly toy or even a simple, yet utterly elegant scarf. Whatever you do with it, just know that by reusing a Knot Wrap you’re doing your bit for the planet. So go ahead and feel good about yourself as you look good doing it. The materials for our wide and exciting collection of Knot Wraps are Cotton from India, Cotton from Fukushima, Hand Picked Vintage/Upcycled and Recycled PET.  The 100% organic cotton Knot Wraps at Lush are sourced from India and Fukushima in Japan, you will also find stunning hand picked vintage wraps, and some of the fabrics are even created from recycled plastic drink bottles – they are melted down and spun into thread like magic.

So come join the knot wrapping revolution, and give somebody a gift they will never forget. You can even pair seasonal products with special edition fabrics so whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, you’ll find the perfect pattern to buddy with your chosen treat.

There are plenty of handy ‘how to wrap’ videos online or you can just pop into your local Lush store and have our friendly staff show you how it’s done, and then with a little bit of practice you’ll be twisting and knotting like a furoshiki master.

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