Six for the joy of sleep

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Forget counting sheep, you’ll no doubt fall into a peaceful slumber with a little help from these Lush favourites, all with the dreamy lavender and tonka scent of Sleepy. Create your own serene bedtime routine with a mixture of products for the shower and bath, then don’t forget to slip on the luxurious 100% organic cotton eye mask.

Box: Made from 100% recycled board. Reuse again, regift or recycle with paper recycling.
Ribbon: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles, reuse again.
Eye Mask: 100% organic brushed cotton mask with cotton covered elastic band.


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1 × Sleepy Bear
The teddy bear of the future
1 × Sleepy
Glow in the dark dreamscape
1 × Dreamland
Dream a little dream
1 × Sleepy - 50g
1 × Sleepy
Soft, malted lavender
1 × Twilight - 100ml