Ten bath bombs for a Christmas dream come true!

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Christmas Bathtime Favourites

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A perfect 10 of Lush bath bombs, a real selection box of returning favourites and brand new innovations for 2021. Whether you’re after something to tickle your sweet tooth, energise your bath time with a fruity twist, or even wrap you in a warming spiced hug in the tub, this hat box gift is perfect for a family to share over the festive season. Or even for that bathing fanatic to use all by themselves!

Box: Made from 100% recycled board. Reuse again, regift or recycle with paper recycling.
Ribbon: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles, reuse again.


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1 × Hey Hollywood!
A lustrous peppermint reset
1 × Jingle Bells
Shake it to hear the bells!
1 × I Want A Hippopotamus
Raspberry-scented, fruity friend
1 × Shoot for the Stars
Waltz in a swirling, cobalt sky
1 × Butterbear
The skin-softener is back!
1 × Sleepy Bear
The teddy bear of the future
1 × Snow Fairy
Glittery bubblegum best seller
1 × Snowman Dreaming
Relax into rainbow dreams
1 × You Shall Go To The Ball
Sweet strawberry transformation
1 × Orange Pop
Zesty popping candy explosion