100% recycled polyester, 70cm x 70cm wrapping

Thanks A Bunch

Упаковочный платок


This bright pink trellis design, brimming with lots of happy smiling flower faces, is designed by Hide Your Toys. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which are washed, spun and chipped, then melted and spun into yarn. They’re then woven and finally printed using a waterless heat transfer method. Perfect for wrapping their favourite selection of treats this Mother’s Day.

Full of vibrant pink flowers, this Knot Wrap or furoshiki can be used as a sustainable way to wrap gifts that gives something extra and can be reused again and again. Choose their favourite products to gift this Mother’s Day.

Натуральные ингредиенты
Безопасная синтетика

*встречается в природе в эфирных маслах.

Мы не тестируем нашу готовую продукцию на животных. Мы также покупаем только у поставщиков ингредиентов, которые не проводят тестирование на животных.





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