16 for top to toe

Lush Life

Over 50€


A handmade gift for newbies and Lush legends alike, this selection will look after for every part, leaving you to live your best Lush life.

How to store:
With so many products inside why not keep them in the box, somewhere cool and dry? When finished this reusable box can be used to store all sorts of treats.


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1 × Ocean Salt - 70g
Aches and pains, begone!
Bee in your bonnet?
Let the sun set on worries
1 × Ro's Argan - 45g
1 × Pink Peppermint - 45g
1 × Rub Rub Rub - 130g
1 × Karma
Good vibes
Blast off into funky
1 × Lemony Flutter - 10g
1 × Sleepy - 50g