Absolute relaxation

Relax More

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Lift the lid on a lavender lullaby and escape reality with a box of relaxing products that will lead you lovingly to the land of Nod. Let the worries of the day float away on a ylang ylang breeze, as a touch of neroli ensures that only the best dreams will be had. Soothing tonka ensures a peaceful mind while a cocoa butter cuddle softens the skin. Lie back and unwind as this super soothing selection eases your weary mind and body.


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Your very own dessert island
For delicious-looking skin
1 × Oaty Creamy Dreamy
Pot of dreams
1 × Sleepy
Bedtime is nothing to fear
Let the sun set on worries
1 × Sleepy
How sweet to be a cloud
Because everybody needs a little sometimes
Feel blissful at bedtime
Berry yourself under a fruity blanket
1 × Silky Underwear
For enviable skin
1 × Sleepy - 50g
A soothing lavender lullaby