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Flower Pot



Switch up the usual flowers and chocolates routine this year and give Mum a treat that they’ll really want. A stunning soak in shimmering purple waters and a pampering vanilla body scrub awaits.

They’ll love this if they like:
– A fruity freshen up in the bath or shower.
– A skin softening soak and scrub.
– Receiving bunches of flowers or sweet potted plants for Mother’s Day.

Gifting all wrapped up:
– The minimal packaging for this gift is made from recycled and recyclable card.
– This packaging can be regifted or used as a handy travel holder safely transporting a bath bomb and potted product to wherever they wish to take it

How to use:
– Bath bomb: Drop into the bathwater for a dazzling release of colours and essential oils.
– Shower scrub: Take a generous handful and smooth over skin, buffing and polishing as you go.

How to store:
– Before bestowing upon your loved one, store this gift in a cool, dry place.
– Once opened, keep all products away from moisture and heat.


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