A sweet, cheeky duo

Bunny buttercheecks



Three ch-ears to alternative Easter gift ideas! Indulge in two sweet cocoa butter bath bombs served bunny side up. Made out of recycled card, this cute and cheeky gift set is guaranteed to make anyone feel bright eyed and bushy tailed this spring.

They’ll love this if they like:
– The warm, cosy scent of Butterball bath bomb.
– Skin softening, sweet smellings baths.
– Filling their cheeks with chocolate eggs on Easter morning.

Gifting all wrapped up:
– Don’t be cheeky! They can use this bouncing bunny over and over again to hold their favourite petite bath bombs.
– Made with 100% recycled cardboard, this bunny can be popped into the recycling bin for a hoppy ending that doesn’t do the planet any harm.

How to use:
– Bath bomb: Drop into your bathwater for a dazzling release of essential oils and moisturising butters.

How to store: Burrow this rabbit away somewhere cool and dry until the Easter bunny arrives!


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