Save the day with two super soaks!


17€ - 35€


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superdad gift!
From now on, whenever there are people who need pampering, it won’t be a job for plain, ordinary water. Seek out those who deserve a big thank you; this gift is made for them.

They’ll love this if they like:
– Sweet and smoky scents and minty fresh fragrances.
– Fighting grime and saving the day from ordinary bathing.
– Invigorating and supercharged soaks.

Gifting all wrapped up:
– The packaging of this gift is made from fully recycled and recyclable card and paper.
– (UK) – The eco pops that protect the products within are made from corn starch and are completely biodegradable.
– (Rest Of World) – The eco flo that protects the products within are made from potato starch and are completely biodegradable.

How to use:
– Bath bombs: Drop these fatherly-fizzers into the bathwater for a dazzling release of colours and essential oils.

How to store:
– Keep this gift’s superpowers supercharged by storing it in a cool, dry location until you’re ready to present to your loved one.
– Once opened, keep all products away from moisture and heat.


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1 × Dirty
Soothing spearmint soaks
1 × Superdad
For super-soothing baths!